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CKD: from a patient’s perspective


looking at things from the other side of the fence

On August 24, 2013, the day when I was diagnosed with a chronic kidney disease, my world fell apart. The first thing that hit me was why me? And how could this be happening to me. What will happen now with my family especially with my daughter? She’s only 4 then and about to turn 5 in 13 days. I promised her to take her to the zoo on her birthday but that promise was still unfulfilled until now. As a father and a husband I have an obligation to fulfill but how can I do that when my health is not normal anymore. When my doctor told me that I need to consider having kidney transplant, I am pretty sure that I don’t have any chance of surviving this ailment. There are lot of things that came into my mind. Worries, doubts, fears, and lot of negative stuffs. During my first night at the hospital after having my first dialysis, I was practically sleepless.

But the next day, all of that changed. I realized that this is a trial for me and I know that God will never give us trials that we cannot handle. I was also overwhelmed with the love and support shown by my family, relatives, colleagues and friends. The encouraging messages and prayers that they offered me became my strength to face this challenge. I was never a religious person but I always believed that with Him nothing is impossible. I then remembered my favorite quote – “Don’t say God I have a big problem, instead say problem, I have a big God.”

I chose to live a normal life. I am now on dialysis twice a week. Actually, I consider my dialysis sessions very helpful to me since it makes me understand more about my condition. And seeing other patients having smile on their faces inspired me. I was never the type of person that is expressive but I want to thank my wife, family, relatives and friends for being very supportive. In cases like mine, it’s really very important to have a very good support system.

Now, I treat each day as a new day of hope. Every morning is a blessing. Time with family is more precious especially with my daughter. My personal goal now is to see her finish her elementary, eventually her high school and college studies. But first I have to take her to the zoo.

I was hesitant at first to share this but maybe, just maybe I can be able to inspire someone with my own little way.

I am now contemplating and praying if I should pursue kidney transplant. I know it will not be easy especially in terms of financial matters. But I also know that with God nothing is impossible. Just keep the faith!


The above article is a status update shared over a social media site. It was written by former classmate in high school, identity withheld to protect his privacy. Permission granted to post on this blog. All rights remain with the original author.

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