Medical Bulletin

First of all, welcome. Whether you stumbled upon this site either by serendipity or you meticulously followed the digital crumbs from  blogs past, you are most welcome to come have a look around. Some of the things you will be seeing here might look familiar, and there’s a reason for that, don’t worry. Originally this blog was meant to be a repository of sorts about the articles, issues and what have you, that are medically relevant.  One of the authors used to have a medical themed blog before, but unfortunately, had to put it down as he felt it was going nowhere, fast. That and the fact that residency training took its toll not only on him physically, it also demanded almost all of his limited time as well. Soon after after residency training though, finding the time to write again, he felt that there was a need to separate the medical from the non-medical simply because some people just don’t get the point unless they are in the same boat. There are also several half-finished articles that were still to be published but didn’t seem to fit in the general theme of the other blogs also being maintained.

Then, after some time alone, there was a realization that there were already some medically related articles posted and scattered elsewhere on the web in some of several reincarnations of previous blogs. So what to do? As fate would have it, other equally talented friends who also wanted to tell their stories just needed the right motivation to get them to write, and it didn’t take much to motivate them either, just a nudge in the right direction. And the promise that this just might be fun.

And so, what you have here now is a collaborated effort of friends who simply want to share stories that just so happen to have a common thread: medicine, with all the trials, tribulations and the lifelong learning one can get from it, and the hopes and dreams of a new breed of doctors.


This blog, like medicine, is an ever changing and evolving science. Far from perfect, we still plan to do the best that we can in keeping this site relevant to its theme and purpose. Comments, suggestions and words of encouragements to the authors are most welcome.


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