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allen.mallari.md is a practicing General Internist who also happens to blog irregularly about other things non-medical in nature.

He finished his undergraduate course at the oldest university in Asia located along Espana Street in Manila with a degree in Biology, Major in Biology. He later earned his medical degree from the best medical school along Aurora Blvd. in Quezon City. By some weird cosmic powers he passed the Physician Licensure Examination and used to practice medicine on unsuspecting and hapless creatures who happen to fall ill and find themselves at the Emergency Room of San Fernandino Hospital. He also cared for and gave sound medical advise to the workers of the what is now known as the National grid Corporation of the Philippines as an Occupational Health Physician before going into formal training and completing Residency Training at the Angeles University Foundation Medical Center in the Department of Internal Medicine where he served as chief resident during his senior year.

Currently he is in private practice and shares clinic space with his good friend and fellow General Internist (whose mother-in-law happens to own the building where their clinic is located), a part time faculty member of the Angeles University Foundation School of Medicine where he imparts clinical knowledge to impressionable young doctors to be and watches over the patients as an in-house physician in a stand-alone hemodialysis center.

In between patients, he reads the comics section of the daily broadsheet and thinks up of ways of improving and harnessing his craft and chosen profession and sometimes updates his personal blog which you can read here.

When sasquatchdreams was a child, he originally wanted to be a Ghostbuster or a professional wrestler, but the lack of opportunities in his country to pursue either profession led him to be a physician instead. Before he actually decided to be a doctor, he attended several discernment seminars to find out if he could get lucky and be a priest. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Biology from a university located in a place that has a name that when translated in English would mean “restrooms.” He later took up Medicine in a university named after a famous public servant with a funny name.

He decided to enter the corporate world and be a medical evaluator. He would assess the condition of patients and determine their impairment rating based on the physical examination findings, as well as recommend future medical care and work restrictions for them. Occasionally, he would also argue with lawyers, insurance companies, and other physicians who thought that he had been quite generous to the patient (yes, those heartless bastards!). He ultimately transferred to a company where he would do almost the same type of work but for more money and benefits (yes, there are heartless bastards!). Someday he dreams that he will actually practice his profession and stop being a heartless bastard.

Aside from torturing small animals (not true!), spreading false rumors (also not true!), and taking care not to have another ingrown toenail (uhm… quite true!), he sings, plays the ukulele, and pursues his other lifelong dream to be a stand-up comedian. Occasionlly, if he gets lucky, he gets to sit down and write stuff on nonsensical topics such as Life, Love, Hope, Faith, the Practice of Medicine, and Music.

IM Bukoy is a graduate of the University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery (2005). He was 2nd in his class (2nd from the last). He is also known as an “urban legend” in UST, having been conferred the grade of “benemeritus” on his revalida from the tribunal headed by Dean Tan-Alora, the only student among the top 10 to do so. He likes playing basketball, airsoft and in his spare time enjoys taking long walks along the beach watching the sunset and the waves rolling in.


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