Kindness of Others

My take on today’s daily prompt challenge:


sharing kindness

[The following events happened around some years back, previously published somewhere else, reposted for this blog post]

It was another standing room only day at the Emergency Room yesterday, meaning the only time I got to sit down was when I needed to write down orders for the patients who needed to be confined at the hospital.

It was already past 12 noon and the people who were supposed to relieve us from our tour of duty where still nowhere to be found. This is just a moonlighting gig I do once a week to augment my income. I’m paid on a per 24 hour duty and incentives based on the number of patients I get to see and treat.

Unfortunately, the billing section where I get my salary opted to go on lunch break early, so I had to wait at least another hour before I got my hard earned (and badly needed) pay. And that was when the ICU nurses caught me and asked if I could spare a pizza. That’s the problem sometimes with people. They would think that just because I’m a doctor, I’m earning tons of cash that I could just give away. Still, I gave in and bought them a family sized pizza to which I had a slice myself. That my friends would be lunch by the way.

The rain was pouring down heavily and the wind was definitely stronger when I left the hospital. The storm signal having been upgraded to number 2 this morning. I was wet, cold and hungry and just wanted to get home in any way possible.

And while I was being drenched in the rain I remember a time when I was still in high school. I got caught in a drizzle and I was without any protection form the rain save the school uniform I was wearing. Thinking it could not get any worse, I walked in the pouring rain, unmindful of everyone else who was looking at my general direction. To my surprise, someone came from behind me and shared her umbrella with me. She was maybe in her mid forties, in a modest attire and with a kind and comforting smile. I don’t know why, maybe because she took pity on me or maybe this is the kind of thing any mother would do for a child. In silence she  walked me to the commuter terminal and waited for me to get on before leaving. I bid her thanks and never saw that kind lady again.  And now getting caught again in the rain, the memory stirs anew. I may not remember anymore the face of that particular kind stranger, but I surely remember the gesture.


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