[NB: the following is an original article posted as a status update on a colleague’s Facebook timeline. Permission granted to repost in this blog]

The healthcare team are a group of different medical professionals who attend to a patient’s health. They diagnose and treat illness, alleviate pain and death, provide care and educate patients and relatives. Not one single entity or group in the healthcare team has the right to grab credit or claim that they are more important in the hospital and state that without them the hospitals will not operate. Also not one single entity or group in the healthcare team has the right to belittle another group or entity that has had less number of years in school and and less formal training. Each group has a vital role to play and one cannot fully function without the other. Things like credit grabbing, attention getting, and belittling has nothing to do with the patient’s welfare, which is the sole nature of our job. What each and every entity in the healthcare group should do is shut up, ensure that everyone is doing their jobs and that they are doing the jobs specified for their professions.

They should mutually support and back-up each other for the benefit of the patient and the team. This will allow better patient management, and will also make life a lot easier in this very stressful environment. Complaining and comparing that “my life” is harder than yours or that “I am more important, will get the team and the patient nowhere. Everybody loses. The biggest liabilities in the team are those who have a mindset that they are more important than the other.


About the author:

Hans Navarra, M.D. is a graduate of the UERMMMC College of Medicine Class 2005 


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physician by profession, writing is his other passion. irregularly updates his blogs spread precariously over the web. he also has a penchant for the absurd, the sublime and everything in between. View all posts by allen mallari

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