Doctor, Doctor.. you are sick?

It’s like saying that doctors are people too.. sometimes we tend to forget that as well.

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In an ideal world, all doctors are healthy and lives healthy. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Sad to say we don’t follow our own brand of medicine so to speak. Another thing is that we tend to diagnose ourselves and subsequently treat ourselves. Of course, this is just for small aches and pains. The “bigger” diagnoses, depending on the person, we either refer ourselves to our colleagues or well… we procrastinate. Much like any other person I suppose.

Another issue when doctors get sick is we lose time with patients. More to the point, we lose monetary means especially when you’re strictly in private practice. A day out of your clinic can be a big loss. Good thing for me I work part time in a government hospital. Now even absence from that gets me anxious because at times no one will cover for me. Good thing on my…

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