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start them young ..

[NB: These are old posts which I will repost from my old blog which I started early back 2007 which got torn down by friendster. I am reposting them for public consumption. Salamat po ]

Here’s my take on Medical School Myths, Mythbuster style

Myth 1“I am better than my classmates” NOT.

Everybody in my class is better than me. They know more, they sleep less, and they are all better looking than me. Sabi nga ni Nel sa PBB “Lahat sila pang main dish, ako.. pang appetizer lang”. Buti na lang Mr. Personality ako Myth Busted

Myth 2 “Biology is the best pre-med”

I saw this one on a phamplet published by UST describing biology as the “preferred pre-med” for medicine. God, kung alam ko lang sana nagnursing na lang ako or nag medtech para sana mayfallback man lang ako. I guess kanya nila sinabi yun para wala ka talagang choice kung hindi magtapos ng med diba, ano ba pwede trabaho ng biologist? Myth Busted

Myth 3“All of the answers are in the books”

This is true up to a certain extent, until of course your professor blurbs out the proverbial phrase, “Class, base on my experience” In which case when examinations come, always choose the answer your proffesor told you even if all the books you read glaringly point out otherwise. Myth busted

Myth 4“If you retain about 15% of what you read in med school then you are already a good doctor”

I heard this when I was cramming up for an examination. It was supposedly quoted by Dr. Gisbert of Makati Med. What if 7% lang alam ko, does that make me an average doc? Myth Plausible

Myth 5“Teacher’s are gods and there powers trickle down to their Secretaries”

This 2 beings in med school are all omnipotent, in a whim they may make your life a living hell. They are the law, and what they say is final. There are always 2 sides to a coin, 1 good and 1 bad, usually the latter of the 2 beings would be mephisto incarnate. Myth plausible

Myth 6“Anak ng Diyos”

Meron din kami nito. This is the student who has the right blood lines, he/she is considered royalty in med school, in the corporate world he/she is the boss’s son/daughter. Even the feared secretaries kowtow to such a being. They get all the breaks. Word of advice, befriend such a being. Myth True

Myth 7 “Sandali lang ang medicine anak”

It takes too long, 4 years of premed, 4 years of med proper plus a compulsory 1 year of internship, another 3 months to wait for the august board exams, another 6 if you’re taking February. Two to three days to wait for the results, then 1-6 months being a pre-resident (depends I heard meron daw nagtiis ng 2 years), then another 3-5 years for residency training. Add 2-3 years for a subspecialty, and a life of reading volumes and volumes of books. Bottom line is by the time your earning your 1st paycheck your classmate in high school has already earned his 1st million. 26 na ako nay at nagaaral pa rin ako. Myth busted

originally posted @ on March 09, 2007

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