Lifelong Learning

Like birds, we look to the sky and dream of flying high

Today has handed me some refresher courses in life lesson 101. It may be an overused cliché already but truly when a door closes on you, another window of opportunity opens. It happened as I was getting ready to submit my credentials in a private hospital so that I can have admitting privileges and hopefully, some clinic space. But fate, or in this particular case, the medical director’s secretary would not look into my prayers favorably.  It wasn’t even subtle, but an outright rejection, her very words being “just come back when you have all the requirements ready” I didn’t argue anymore nor did I ask for consideration as she handed my papers back to me. She was right, I just took the chance that they might consider. I will just have to work to earn my Certificate of Training then. My ego has been bruised and deflated, but I was still alive nonetheless. Besides, she was just doing her job, and I’ve still some errands to do. Let the door be closed, for now.

My window of opportunity opened as I was waiting for my turn in paying my taxes at the bank. My phone rang and the caller on the other end was the community hospital which has just recently accepted me with open arms as a member of the medical staff, I had a patient admitted there so I thought they were just calling to update me on my patient. Imagine my surprise when they told me that I had a referral in the surgery ward for cardiopulmonary evaluation and co-management of the diabetes. Wow, my first ever referral from another doctor. I used to be a scout when I was younger and the motto was “laging handa” (always ready) and so right after paying my taxes I went back to the hospital and saw to the patient. I wrote down my notes and suggestions, they reached about 3 pages back to back. Unofficially, I had the single longest order for any doctor for the day. The fledging doctor has begun to spread his wings, it doesn’t mean he can fly and soar over the horizon already, but it’s a start.

 I’ve still a lot to learn in my chosen profession, like what they told me back in med school, the more letters you add to your name, the more you realize how much more you need to know. Right now, there may be just two letters after my name – MD – and with those two letters I have earned the right to be a lifelong learner, and the privilege to be of service to others.





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physician by profession, writing is his other passion. irregularly updates his blogs spread precariously over the web. he also has a penchant for the absurd, the sublime and everything in between. View all posts by allen mallari

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