Legalizing Addiction


Just because you sport the National colors doesn’t make you nationalistic Photo Credit: Neil Eric Reyes

In a news article in the paper today that caught my attention, it was   about the plans of a lawmaker to legalize or even promote the growth of what is still, as far as I know, illegal marijuana plantations. Asked by the paper on his position, promoting “the purest marijuana in Southeast Asia”, the lawmaker simply answered “I only learned it from marijuana users”

The story goes on to say that in time, the stigma might wear off and medical marijuana is permitted, as is the practice in some US states.

Do a Google search on medical marijuana and you can read in scientific papers that are either for or against it. There may be a glimmer of hope in the future for the advancement of the curative properties of marijuana, but for me the real danger that is in plain sight is the all too real potential for addiction. Realistically speaking, if an over the counter drug like cough syrup can be a source of addiction, what more if given the chance for some high quality weed to smoke? It will surely be a lucrative business, legal or otherwise.

The lawmakers may be looking at things from a purely economic standpoint, we legalize the marijuana, trade, it makes lots of money in the process and all are happy, right? As of writing the Sin Tax Bill has yet to be passed by the legislators imposing higher taxes on cigarettes, and potentially saving lives of smokers and their innocent victims of second hand smoke as well. Those who oppose the bill say that pork should also be taxed higher as well as it is high in cholesterol and causes heart attacks and eventual death. That’s an argument for another time.

On a more personal note, I have seen how addiction can destroy an individual, his life, personal, social and family relationships. All these are personal gripes I know, but being a medical professional, I feel that there is an obligation for us to let others know of these social ills. They are real, and there is something we can do about it.


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